Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Takin' quilt pics in the Public Gardens

My house is ugly... that's just the truth. I rent a floor in a house in a very scenic and old part of Boston - and my landlord's family has owned this particular house since it was built and he's become emotionally attached to the wallpaper - the old, falling-off-the-walls, someone-save-me-from-this-godawful wallpaper. Anyway, because of that, I don't like taking pictures of quilts in my house. The only room without the offensive wallpaper is my sewing room, and the walls are just plastered and not painted. If it were my house, I'd do something: but it ain't, so I have to make other photo arrangements.

I live in a beautiful city. Boston is old, clean (relatively), and picturesque and I had the idea to use the city as a backdrop. I am trying to bill myself as an urban quilter, after all. If I were trying to capitalize on my raising, I'd be a Louisiana swamp quilter; and that just doesn't sound as good.

One of my coworkers thought it was a horrible idea and that using park benches would make it look like I was making quilts for homeless people; which I'm all up for doing, mind you; I'm all about charity work. But, that wasn't really the idea I was going for, so I put the idea out of my head for a few months.

Monday I had some time to kill between work and a doctor's appointment, so I decided to go ahead and attempt it. The Public Gardens were full of tourists and I felt not unlike an idiot dragging out my quilts and fussily draping each one over a park bench and then crouching and twisting to get the right angle. I have a theory that has served me fairly well over the years; as long as you look like you know what you're doing, it's highly unlikely anyone will think twice about your actions; no matter how odd they may be.

I didn't have a lot of time and only found one angle I really liked, but I was very happy with the outcome...

Oh, and my local fabric store; essentially my Cheers, where everyone knows my name; asked me for a sample to hang in their store. I walked down there last Saturday with the intention of putting blinders on, dropping it off, and then fleeing... but ended up walking out with about 20 more yards of fabric.
I'm starting to think I might have a problem.