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August/September 1910

I took last week off work and kept my computer (actually, both computers, both iPads, and my iPhone) powered down as much as possible - two things shocked me. First - how HARD it was to go 24 hours at a time without electronic stimulation, and Second - how much easier life is when I go 24 hours at a time without electronic stimulation. I got so much writing done, walked a total of roughly 100 miles in those 9 days, and spent a lot of time sitting and watching the bay. I would love about five more stretches like that! I think I'm going to designate three days a week to be 'no computer' days - that may last about 10 minutes.

Anyway, here's the new stretch of text from Irene's diaries. Aug and Sept 1910. It's good to see that something else runs in the family too.

"I allow so many things to attract my attention and time." You and me both, g-g-ma, you and me both.


            I came home July 21 from Forth Worth. I sure was glad to get home althoe I had only been gone 5 weeks. I sure had a time getting started home. Mr Thomson had written me if I would let him know when I was coming home I would let him know, he would meet me in Dublin; where I cad to change cars and stay nearly half the day. So I wrote him I would be there Monday. But I found out Sat I couldn’t go then so I wrote him a letter and put a special delivery stamp on it so he would be sure to get it and told him I wouldn’t be there till Wed. Well I couldn’t get there Wed so I phoned him Tues eve, I wouldn’t be there till Thurs, but was there Thurs and he was at the train to meet me and stayed till I got on the next train for home. So my stay in Dublin was quite pleasant. (Aug, 1910)

            Yesterday was so hot and sultry. I was at home by my self and was trying to study. But I couldn’t get my mind on my book. Finally I laid my book down and said I’de go to the mail box (which was about 150 yds from the house), As I didn’t have enough sense to study. As I was going on, my thoughts ran something like this: “There isn’t much in life any way, but a struggle. And then failure, comes more often than success. I am simply tired of every thing, and of ever trying to do anything.” I certainly was in a bad mood, which I try never to get into. But some times it looks like I can’t help it. I sometimes wonder if any body else ever have such feelings as that, and yet I know they do. I guess every body has their difficulties and things that seem to utterly discourage them at times. Well when I got to the mail box I had 3 post cards and 2 letters, and they were all so cherry and kind it was a wonder to me how my feelings changed. I thought then, “what  pleasure it is to have such nice friends. Life must be worth living after all.” and I came home feeling like it was really worth while to try. And this is the way things of all through life. A sunny smile, a kind word or two, a cherry letter and things we do like that, that we never think are worth while, some times makes some one take new courage. Altho we never thought perhaps of them feeling bad or discouraged. The world would be so much brighter if we would take time to do little kind things that seem so small. (Aug 25, 1910)

            Woman suffrage is the main subject now. You can’t pick up any paper but what there is a discussion going on about woman suffrage. I noticed in the Youth’s Companion a piece saying they had it before the house of commons in England and when the vote was cast there was 15 for and 16 against it. I don’t think it will be very long will they will pass a law here giving the women a rite to vote. They vote in some of the states now. (Aug 25, 1910)

            I suppose all girls are prone to often wonder what will happen in the future. I have such a great ambition, and yet it seems like some times I moove so slowly I often wonder will I have some of my desires and ambitions fulfilled by this time next year, I wonder what events, what persons and things will come into my life by that time. I’m wanting most of all to her a first grade certificate by next summer, and I know if I get it I will have to put fourth an extra great effort, and I allow so many things to attract my attention and time. I now here in Granbury going to school at “Granbury College.” As I look back I well remember the things that happened a year ago today. For one thing that I thought was very important, one of my old fellows that I hadn’t seen in over a year came down to DeLeon to see me. That night I cried my self to sleep (Just from some little trouble that vexed me, not about my fellow thoe) as I used to do every once and a while, but I’ve learned better than that now. I try to always look on the bright side. Oh! I’ve longed so often for a mother to tell my little troubles to, but I’ve always had to bear them alone. There are so many troubles, or girls think they are troubles, that girls have to face, they need a mother to help them.

            This eve the matrons suspended the rules and took a lot of girls and boys down on the river Kodaking. We had about 12 views taken. We sure did enjoy it for we had been tied up so long. What tickled me I caught the Bookkeeping teacher here, and he’s a young Methodist preacher too. The Methodist protracted meeting is going on here now. I led the college girls’ prayer meeting to night. I certainly did get lots of good out of the meeting and resolved to live a better christian life from this on. We had a native preacher from Turkey at two services. Sep 26, 1910

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