Thursday, March 7, 2013

My (new) favorite mistake

I don't need any more quilts. Right now, I have three on my bed (Winter in New England and all), two hanging on walls, and three throws... but I love doing it. So, for the love and adventure of it, I keep making them and I release them into the world when I'm done - unless they are messed up. And my new one is (thankfully) messed up - because I love it and want to keep it.

I'd been looking for a pattern I liked that would show off my new obsession with Tula Pink's fabrics and when I saw Brigitte Heitland's "OHO" quilt, I knew I'd found the right venue. So I constructed everything and quilted in the ditches, quilting ESS (every single stitch - I have another adjective I use when the piecing is intricate) before I started on the free-motion.

and found a horrible seam. It wasn't just bad, it was beyond bad. Curved piecing is a weak-point for me, so I usually compensate accordingly by adding a half inch to each of the outside pieces and then trimming after the block is done, but I was so excited to make this that I just didn't.

But, I'm actually a little happy about this. Once it's finished, the galloping horse adage will definitely apply and now I get to be a little more creative. When I was going to release this one, I thought that the quilting needed to be somewhat uniform, but now that it's mine, I'm going to go a little crazy. I've only marked the inside of one of the shapes so far. (Thank you Frixion pens) But I have all sorts of things I want to try, mostly to see how they will show up when used with a cotton batting that hasn't been preshrunk.

So this mistake will end up being my pride and joy and I will just try to convince myself that my subconscious wanted me to mess this up (so not true).

Someone just asked me why I don't just go back and fix it, and that's a fair point. But since the mistake was made before the quilt was even as put together as the photo below, it just isn't possible.

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  1. Curved piecing looks so hard. I don't even want to try! I think it's shaping up wonderfully and can't wait to see the end on Twitter.