Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quilt beyond Measure...

Well, mostly anyway...

Every morning for years now, I've bounced, crawled, whined, or clawed my way out of bed and to my notebook to write my "morning pages"; three continuous pages of long-hand writing with no stops. The advice in The Artist's Way has been wonderful; I use MP's as a purge, a spark, a journal... for nothing and everything. It doesn't matter what I write because it's all garbage, most of it screaming to be tossed and a tiny (the tinniest) bit wanting to be expanded.

I thought that maybe I could use that free-for-all technique on a quilt - and it was a blast! I've had this material for a while...

I bought it in one of those fabric shop frenzies where I see something; immediately know exactly what to do with it; say to myself, "That is going to be BRILLIANT;" and then forget that brilliant idea by the time I get home. Anyway, it's been sitting in my stash for a while, and when I got the idea to make no plans, keep my graphing notebook closed, and just grab a rotary cutter and go for it, this was the canary I sent into the cave and these are the results (which could use a good ironing, now that I'm seeing the pictures).

The only thing I did measure was the eventual 16" blocks and that was only because it was the width of the two rulers I used put together, so it was completely arbitrary. This is just the top, and they always look too flat and plain compared to the finished product, but I'm pretty happy with my cutty/sewy/mishmashy outcome so far. I will not let this sit around and become a UFO; I hope to have it quilted within the week.

So, here's to throwing caution and fabric to the wind!

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