Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Measures... non-quilting app that I use to record quilts

My Measures Pro review

I have a memory like a steel trap... assuming the trap has been left outside for a decade or two and has rusted into a dusty pile of mush. Because of this, I have to keep good records somewhere. With mountains of notebooks, sketch pads, and binders full of graph paper, I never know where I jotted down the dimensions for anything.

For my writing, I have all kinds of apps that keep my notes categorized so I only have to revisit Notebook Hill when I want to revisit an old random idea. I decided that I needed an app that would keep specific records of the sizes of blocks, appliques, borders, etc and when My Measures Pro came through on one of the "free app of the day" lists, I tried it.

It's meant for designers to take a picture of a room and record the measurements of windows, walls, angles, etc... but I don't do any of that. I use it to record quilts.

It's very simple to use. With the above quilt, I know everything I need to know to be able to duplicate it - which I have to do this weekend, with an added border to make it bigger. I hate making the same quilt twice, but for the occasions that I have to, this comes in handy. 

Not that I've done any crazy angles lately, but if I wanted to, I could just take a picture of the block and use the angle measure to remind me what they were. This could possibly come in handy if I stop in the middle of a quilt and set it aside for a while... actually, that should be "when," not "if." I do that all the time. I put an example of the angle feature below and if they had actually turned out to be an exact 45 and 90 degrees, I might have had a heart attack.

Anyway, I think it costs $1.99 and is available for IOS and Android. I enjoy having it and think it comes in handy.


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