Thursday, May 9, 2013

Of apps and (newly found) mistakes

I can't moan about being too busy, because it's all busyness of my own making :-)

I haven't posted to this blog in a while because why would I want to type about quilting when I could get to my machine and just do it?

I found a cute, and probably goofy, way to advertise my baby quilts. I have an app that will make record covers out of photos and that has actually helped me name my quilts. Instead of "blue squiggly baby quilt" or "orange pinwheel baby quilt," I have been trying to give them song-type names.

The one with the elephant and the blue boxes came from a magazine, and I'm setting out to make another one with the blue boxes, in a much larger size, for a friend's wedding gift... and she's getting a Lorax quilt too, but she doesn't know about that yet.

I've tried to think of things that would make me a more active blogger (aside from my personal blog, which is hopping :-) and when I received my signed copy of Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, I thought maybe I could do a block a day and post the outcome, mentioning my victories and my mistakes: I make a lot of those. But, I'm not sure about copyright rules and things, so I won't post how to make the blocks. But, we're all quilters and it's easy to look at a block and see how it's constructed.

Block of the day #1

I was not happy with the outcome, not because of the block style, but because of my fabric choices. They seemed fine until I got them all sewn together and there was no contrast at all. I thought the orange fabric would set itself apart visually - and it failed. 

So, I cut it down a little and added a darker orange around the edges. I'm still not thrilled with it, but if I ever decide to make a yellow sampler... and I probably will... this will fit in. Actually, it will probably blend in and be completely unremarkable. AND, I just this second noticed that I sewed it wrong! In the picture above, the bottom left square is backwards! See, I told you I mess up a lot... Oy, this is embarrassing  But, I'm going to just hit 'post' and walk away.

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