Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Blocks of the Month

 I am doing two separate block of the month projects this year.

The first is on Craftsy - which if you haven't checked out Craftsy, you're missing out. Even if you are a seasoned quilter, there's something over there that will come in handy. Anyway, I spend so much time at my machine that I wanted a hand project to do while I watch television, Netflix, whatever - and I'm not exactly in a knitting mood at the moment, so I decided to use this opportunity to hand-stitch my grandmother a quilt. I have to admit that the design they are doing this year is nice, but not to my taste, but I think my grandmother will like it. She loves purple, so this is the start - sorry for the glare on the photo, that was the day the sun was out.

Then I looked around and noticed that I am in the middle of six different projects and not one of them is for me. They are all slated to be sold or given away - so, after a bit of pouting, I went in search of a Block of the Month that I actually would want to keep for myself, and though 11 of the blocks are still a secret, not to be revealed until the beginning of every month, I think the BOM at Quilt Doodle's blog is my best bet. So, here is the January block. If it looks earthy and possibly uninspiring, that's because I've been working with such bright colors lately that I wanted a little earth-tone in my life... and I love the dragonfly material.

Both of these BOM's have detailed instructions, so even if you've never quilted before, it should be easy to follow along. It's not too late to jump in!

I'll post my progress as these projects go along. I hope everyone's well.

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