Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rookie Mistake

I've been knocking myself out lately trying to get a good quantity of sample quilts ready to put onto Etsy. One of the ideas I had was for a tiny elephant surrounded by huge flowers appliquéd onto a simply pieced top. I think it's funny and adorable; so funny and adorable that I wanted the quilting to be cute too, so I started with this....

Dense quilting with tiny little flowers - adorable! Until 12 hours later...

It still looks great; but I am really working for this one. The next time I look at batting that says, "quilt every 2 to 4 inches" and say, "Ha! I'll do even better than that!", I think I'll just go have a cup of coffee while I reconsider my defiance. Well, I think I can squeeze another hour and a half out of tonight, so back to the machine.

I regret nothing!! (for the most part)

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