Monday, October 28, 2013

Am I reverting?

There are a few types of fabric that I pick up every time I see them in the store...

If I see a really light color that I can use in the background of one of my appliqué baby quilts, I grab four or five yards.

If I see something that can be used as foliage in an art quilt, I buy a yard or two; because one day...

And, for some reason, I buy black and white fabric - and it's coming to a point where I have to do something with it, or just stop. I have some great stuff; here's a tiny bit of it -

As you can see, lately there's been some red sneaking in. I want to make something for myself with this. Ok, so what's the problem?- you might ask. Well, I can only illustrate that by showing you a picture of what my bedroom looked like in 1989...

Nagel; unicorns; black leather (legless) sofa; and black,white, and red. I do have to say that I don't remember that hat. Anyway, I'm so in shock by this that I have hit a creative brick wall regarding what to do with this fabric. The last thing I would ever wish on my psyche is for the 80's to come back.


  1. Just found your blog after seeing that cute owl quilt on Craftsy. I sew but don't quilt so have to make up my mind about ordering one of yours...The sewing machine post is hilarious !!
    Am not an "aspiring " writer but love to read... thanks for a funny blog !!
    Nancy in crowded NJ

    1. Thanks, Nancy :-) That sewing machine question made me laugh too... If you don't want to place an order, I'm going to have patterns available for all of my quilts... soonish. It turns out that writing the patterns is a lot harder than making the quilts :-)