Monday, January 6, 2014

A Few Quilting Things I Learned Last Year

As I was doing my (seemingly) annual straightening last night, I thought back on all of the disasters that I have learned from over the last year and here is a short list of what I learned...

Never store basting spray and starch in the same area – at some point you will mix them up. And you will either cry or start throwing things (or, as was my case, pretty much both of those things).

Never try to do a satin stitch with a walking foot – it ain’t built for that.

Ironing with steam is NOT cheating. I’m not even sure where I got that idea from. I like the outcome and will probably use steam from here on out.

Taking into account the materials and time, it’s impossible to sell a quilt for what it’s worth. That's why I'm trying to move more into making patterns.

Every month or so… one really should take a step back, take stock of UFO’s, and straighten one’s sewing room. When I had a paper/fabric collapse this weekend, I went into a manic cleaning frenzy and it's amazing how many seam rippers I own - especially when I can never find one when I need it.
The rest of the room could use a little sorting... but I'm pretty happy with this at the moment.

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