Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Over-run By Animals

I think I am quilting too many animals lately, but I've realized that selling quilts is not a viable business model. I'm sure anyone out there could have told me... if I'd bothered to ask. So instead of selling quilts, I'm trying to sell more patterns. Most of us can look at a quilt, immediately see the structure, and sit down with a piece of graph paper and know how to replicate it in about a minute and a half. Because of this... I'm sticking pretty close to the animals. They are harder to replicate and I know that if I wanted a baby quilt, I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for someone else to have done the initial legwork. So, for now, I am vying to be King of Animal Applique.

Also, I am taking my first class this week. I've been quilting off and on for 13 years and have never had a reason and the opportunity to take a class right when I need it. Usually, I have to learn how to do something on the fly and need the information as quickly as I can get it so I find the information on the internet or in a book. But, when I came up with this design...

and decided that I wanted to use hand applique on it, I realized I've never actually gotten around to learning how to do that. On Thursday (impending snow storm willing), I'm going to go sit down with an actual teacher and learn how. This way, someone can hear me when I whine, "But, I just don't get it." Look out, Cambridge Quilt Shop. Assuming I can slog through the snow, I'll see you ladies on Thursday.

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