Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Design for "Second Chance" quilt

So, last night I sat down and worked with the design from my first quilt, trying to update the design into something I would want to make again. I thought that since many of the more modern quilts have larger blocks of color (but I'm limiting myself to black and white), I would just see what the blocks blown up would look like...

It's hard to photograph white in my house after the sun goes down... and it's winter in New England; the sun's always down. So, imagine the taupe areas as white... and these things are still dead boring. So, I moved on.

I thought that I would really like to use circles, but I didn't want applique, so I moved to drunkard's path block thingys. Again, imagine white...

Cute enough and I might actually do it one day, but it did not look in the least like it was inspired by the pattern from my first quilt, so I scratched that and started over again. And landed on this... 

I think it definitely looks like it was inspired by this... (mostly because it was)

I think that once it's together (with actual white -- fine, I'll let it go), it will look more dramatic and vibrant. Oh, and thanks Quiltography for making the design process relatively painless. Now I just have to see if Quilt Pro 5 can give me templates for 10" drunkard's path blocks or if I need to break out the protractor and poster board.


  1. Hi Ricky,

    Just a tip regarding photographing your fabric indoors, or just generally good quality light for Quilting. There are some "Daylight bulbs" that you can buy, they are a little more expensive than a traditional incandescent bulb, but, produce a whiter light that best approximates the colour of natural daylight rather than the yellowish hue that your traditional bulbs create.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! This has been an issue with all of my quilts and I hadn't even thought of getting new bulbs to fix the problem. Of course, I've just been reading bulb reviews and I'm really confused now, but I'll just order a few different types and see what I like best.

    2. They can be a little harsh at first, they do lack the warming glow you usually get from a bulb, but, they do have their uses. Just maybe refrain from replacing every bulb in your house :-)